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Move over Viruses and Malware. Ransomware is taking over.

January 13, 2016 | By | One Comment

At Kracked we perform a wide variety of services for your cell phones and computers. One thing that we have started seeing more and more is Ransomware. Ransomware is where someone installs remote software on to your computer or phone and won’t let you into it unless you pay them. We are here to say that whatever you do, DO NOT PAY THEM. We have had great success getting Ransomware off of peoples computers so they can once again use their device. We only charge $59.99 and can do it in house! So pull that computer out of the closet that you thought was useless and bring it to us!

BBC NEWS did a full article on Ransomware. Click here to learn more:


  1. Seth A Donegan

    This is exactly why I have advocated for some time now that people have backup external hard drives. Even more so now that you can pick up a 1TB drive for like sixty bucks.

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